A comprehensive suite of products based on a unique index of close to 100 million articles published in peer-reviewed journals in all fields of academia and research, in all languages and from all over the world.

1figr provides a bibliographic analysis of your organization’s active journal subscriptions. This report reveals what journals your researchers publish in and what journals they cite, and combines this information with download statistics. These metrics are expertly combined to yield uniquely powerful decision-making aids for librarians to make sure libraries are subscribed to the best combination of journals.

As the world’s largest curated open access discovery platform1findr aims to grow into the best and most comprehensive abstract indexing system1findr starts with the world’s most comprehensive list of refereed journals and contains thousands of journals typically absent from existing collections and discovery systems.

1findr is by far the most cost-effective way to expand your collection. It makes use of 1findr link resolver technology, which means that more than 30 million articles are directly accessible for download, for free.

1foldr comes in two distinct flavors:

  • 1foldr Hub is the only self-populating, self-updating repository solution on the market
  • 1foldr Data conveniently delivers metadata, links to OA papers, and tools to download papers and upload data

Both 1foldr Hub and 1foldr Data cost-effectively seek and find the majority of green and gold open access papers published by your researchers in peer-reviewed journals, wherever on the Internet they are archived.

With 1foldr, you can concentrate on filling the gaps.